Director  Mitra Sen

The first cinematic achievement in Mitra's career occurred during her final year of Film Production at York University. Mitra won several awards for her documentary entitled 'Bridging the Gap' including Best Long Documentary at the CBC Telefest Awards. She was also awarded the National Apprenticeship Training fellowship from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television upon her graduation.

Mitra began her career in the Canadian film industry where she worked for two seasons as the Assistant Director on the International Emmy Award winning CBC television series 'Degrassi Junior High'. She has worked in various aspects of filmmaking on several short films including scriptwriting, producing, production managing, directing, editing and casting. Mitra has worked on several feature films including Touchstone Pictures', Cocktail, Mira Nair's, My Own Country, development on Deepa Mehta's, Sam and Me, and at Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre on two short films.

Mitra is also a teacher with the Toronto District School Board. Following an eye-opening experience that occurred in her class, Mitra took a leave of absence in order to share the inspiring story of a group of young people who were able to challenge racism in their school and celebrate cultural diversity. She produced, wrote and directed the 35minute docu-drama entitled 'just a little red dot…'. The film has won 12 international awards including the Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals, Most Popular Film at the Chicago Int'l. Children's Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Children's Int'l. Film Festival in India, Best Live Action Short at the Korean Family Film Festival and the Golden Book Prize for Best Educational Film in Iran. The film has been invited to over 25 international film festivals including festivals in Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Iran, Bangladesh, Korea and the Philippines. Mitra is the recipient of the Multi-Media Award from the Federation of Women Teachers' Association of Ontario, honoured for outstanding achievement by the Federation of Indo-Canadian Associations and the Association of Women from India in Canada, and recognized for her work in promoting human rights issues by the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada.

Mitra's production company Sandalwood Productions Inc. produces dramatic films that impart messages of social and cultural relevance, and inspire audiences to generate creative solutions to social issues. She is presently in development with several projects including an anti-racism film entitled 'Shades' and a feature entitled 'Desert Dreams' which will be shot in Rajasthan, India. It will highlight the positive aspects of India, the land and its people, and deal with the issue of class discrimination sharing concrete and creative solutions.

Mitra's most recent film entitled, The Peace Tree was CBC's Christmas special in 2004 and has triggered the creation of a Peace Trees internationally and at City Hall in June 2006. She just completed production on another short film entitled 'A Handful of Rice' shot on location in Calcutta, India. Mitra is presently developing a feature entitled 'Cinnamon Shades', focusing on an immigrant family's experience of raising children in a multicultural society.

Mitra was also the Director of Programming for ReelWorld Film Festival (2003 and 2004) and initiated the Children's series at ReelWorld. She served as a member of the Arts and Culture and Education Committees for the 2008-Toronto Olympic Bid, and was also on the Board of Directors for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation and Artists Against Racism.

Director of Photography   Phil Earnshaw

Phil has worked as a director of photography since 1975. He has been the D.O.P. on the entire 'Degrassi' series. More recently he completed two seasons of 'Liberty Street'. He is presently D.O.P. on Global's latest series 'Traders'.

Editor  Alan Collins

Alan is an award winning editor who has worked in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Los Angeles. He has edited fourteen feature films including “The Brood” directed by David Cronenberg  and “Von Richthofen and Brown” directed by Roger Corman. He was editor of “De Grassi Junior High” TV series for two seasons. He also teaches film at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Music Composer  John Welsman

John is a composer of music for film and television whose credits include over twenty MOW’s, six series, fifty documentary one-hours and mini-series, and six seasons of the award winning dramatic series Road To Avonlea, He is a five-time Gemini Award winner for his scores and a twelve-time Gemini nominee.

In addition to his extensive work with orchestral film scoring, Welsman has a songwriting and arranging background, having worked with various recording artists including Loreena McKennitt, Jane Siberry , Available Space, and particularly Cherie Camp, with whom he co-wrote songs and recorded the album ‘Cherie Camp’, produced by Gene Martynec, for WEA.


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