How to Create a Peace Tree in Your School

A Peace Tree can be created for the entire school which would be a wonderful activity that can involve all the students and a beautiful symbol for our youth to celebrate throughout the year. Peace Trees can also be created in individual classrooms and grow throughout the year. The following steps outline how to create your Peace Tree.

Click the link to learn how to make a Peace Tree at Home.

How to Make Your Own Peace Tree at Home

Decorations for the Peace Tree

There are many hand made decorations from all our different cultures and faiths that you can make for your Peace Tree.

But first, learn how to make a paper crane by visiting:

Make sure you have a square sheet of paper before you begin to make your crane.

Now here are some handmade symbols from different cultures and faiths that you can make for your Peace Tree. All you need is some colourful construction paper, glue and scissors. What can you make from your culture or faith for your Peace Tree?

a)    b)    c)    d)    e) 

  f)    g)    h)    i) 

a) Origami Doll
b) Star of David
c) Peace Symbol
d) Diya for Diwali
e) Chinese Lantern
f) Om
g) Paper Crane
h) Kwanzaa Lamp
i) Indian Elephant

For Grades 1 and 2 here are some handouts you can colour.

Colour for Diwali:

Great mehndi designs to use for mehndi hand decorations:

See Peace Tree Growing Around the World at...


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